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This is very important — to take leisure time. Pace is the essence. Without stopping entirely and doing nothing at all for great periods, you’re gonna lose everything. Whether you’re an actor, anything, a housewife…there has to be great pauses between highs, where you do nothing at all. You just lay on a bed and stare at the ceiling. This is very, very important…just to do nothing at all, very, very important. And how many people do this in modern society? Very few. That’s why they’re all totally mad, frustrated, angry and hateful. ln the old days, before I was married, or knew a lot of women, I would just pull down all the shades and go to bed for three or four days. I’d get up to shit. I’d eat a can of beans, go back to bed, just stay there for three or four days. Then I’d put on my clothes and I’d walk outside, and the sunlight was brilliant, and the sounds were great. I felt powerful, like a recharged battery. But you know the first bring-down? The first human face I saw on the sidewalk, I lost half my charge right there. This monstrous, blank, dumb, unfeeling face, charged up with capitalism — the “grind.” And you went “Oooh! That took half away.” But it was still worth it, I had half left. So, yeah, leisure. And I don’t mean having profound thoughts. I mean having no thoughts at all. Without thoughts of progress, without any self-thoughts of trying to further yourself. Just…like a slug. It’s beautiful.
Charles Bukowski
No temas, hijo. Soy un habitante del bosque, al igual que tú. No busco hacer daño a nadie, pero tampoco tolero que me lo hagan. Es maravilloso cuando la gente nos respeta, y nosotros los respetamos a ellos, y todas las gentes pueden vivir en paz y armonía. ¿No es cierto? Sí, claro que lo es, dijo Vecio. En ese caso todos podemos bailar y beber cerveza y caer en los delirios del enamoramiento. Pero a veces no es tan sencillo, ¿sabes? A veces se nos plantean dilemas, y no existe una solución correcta. Diablo, ¿cuándo existe algo que pueda ser una solución correcta? Sólo cuando se hacen cuentas y se suman y se restan arrobas de trigo puede uno estar seguro de lo que se hace; y aún así ocurre que el genio se tuerce, y lo que parece completamente lógico no es más que un puñado de tonterías, y no nos damos cuenta hasta que llega el alba y se nos despeja el seso. O lo que es peor: no nos damos cuenta nunca. A veces se plantea un problema, y no hay nada que parezca sumar dos y dos para que sean cuatro, y hay que tomar una decisión. A veces hay que hacer algo, lo que más probabilidades tenga de no pudrirse, y esperar que esa acción dé su fruto y las cosas no se estropeen aún más. Entiendes lo que te digo, ¿hijo?
El bosque de Trespicos, Álvaro Martínez
Anarchists did not try to carry out genocide against the Armenians in Turkey; they did not deliberately starve millions of Ukrainians; they did not create a system of death camps to kill Jews, gypsies, and Slavs in Europe; they did not fire-bomb scores of large German and Japanese cities and drop nuclear bombs on two of them; they did not carry out a Great Leap Forward that killed scores of millions of Chinese; they did not attempt to kill everybody with any appreciable education in Cambodia; they did not launch one aggressive war after another; they did not implement trade sanctions that killed perhaps 500,000 Iraqi children. In debates between anarchists and statists, the burden of proof clearly should rest on those who place their trust in the state. Anarchy’s mayhem is wholly conjectural; the state’s mayhem is undeniably, factually horrendous.
Industrial man—a sentient reciprocating engine having a fluctuating output, coupled to an iron wheel revolving with uniform velocity. And then we wonder why this should be the golden age of revolution and mental derangement.
Aldous Huxley, Time Must Have a Stop, 1944

Hay un fantasma que amenaza el mundo: el de la escasez de diésel. No escasez de petróleo (que también amenaza a más largo plazo), no la escasez de otros combustibles (que también acabará por llegar), sino una amenaza presente: no hay suficiente diésel para cubrir la demanda mundial, y el problema tiene todos los visos de agravarse.

We can follow the example of those who remembered that the role of an activist is not to navigate systems of oppressive power with as much integrity as possible, but rather to confront and take down those systems.

During the entire incarceration process, from arrest to detainment to prosecution to conviction to prison to parole, you realize that the ONLY people who are nice to you are other inmates.

I hate to piss on the party, but chairs suck. All of them. No designer has ever made a good chair, because it is impossible. Some are better than others, but all are bad.  Not only are chairs a health hazard, they also have a problematic history that has inextricably tied them to our culture of status-obsessed individualism. Worse still, we’ve become dependent on them and it’s not clear that we’ll ever be free.